• To nurture and care for the needy, marginalized, and deprived people of our society, so that no one is left behind in terms of receiving the most important aspects of life such as education, healthcare, jobs, and above all, in living a life of dignity, self-dependence, and self-respect
  • To empower underprivileged girls (especially the ones from small towns and villages) to rise above social limitations and ignorance, so that they become leaders of the future, ready to challenge gender inequalities and imbalances
  • To sensitize people from all sections of the society about the present social evils, and work collaboratively to mitigate and eliminate all such issues that are hindering the emergence of a better India


  • To achieve a society that is not prejudiced or biased against any class, creed, gender, race or strata, wherein equality as well as social justice and sensitivity prevails to the fullest extent