The Cabinet of Ministers has today made a decision to establish retirement homes for old people in the Maldives for the first time, and to undertake the setting up and management of such centres under public-private partnership.

The President’s Office informed today that the decision was made by the Cabinet today after discussions following a paper submitted by the Ministry of Health on the matter. The assessment paper prepared by the Ministry of Health identified the need for the establishment of nursing homes for old people, prompting the Cabinet to response with positive action.

Ministers in today’s sitting of the Cabinet expressed their concern over the ever increasing number of old people brought to the Centre in K. Guraidhoo, dedicated for people who need special care, and the lack of space and facilities in the Centre to take in any more. Also, the Centre has traditionally being used to house mentally ill persons, and it was not, as some Ministers pointed out in the meeting, at all suited for providing a normal home to old people. Some also noted that neglect of elders by some families also made old-age homes necessary in the Maldives at this time.

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