At the bank of river Rupnarayan and beside the National Highway – 6 in a traditional village called “NOWPALA” has an ideal place for the Oldage People to Live in

  • Extremely charming homely atmosphere, excellent natural beauty with pollution less air to breath in.Our total campus is centrally AC,
  • Healthy and digestive Food according to the health and habit  of the Resident’ s,
  • Yoga and Pranayama along with Festival,
  • Devotional  Places for prayer/ worship the God (for Every Religion),
  • 24 hours Medical and Doctor Facility with Electric & Water(hot and cold) facility,
  • Library and Computer (including Wi-Fi Technology)

Old-Age home management is always ready to serve you all these facilities




For One Bed Room At a time –   3 lacks.
Rs.  10,000/month



For Two Bed Room (Single Occupant) at a time – 4 lacks.
Rs.13, 000/month



For Two Bed Room – At a time – 4 lacks
Rs.16, 000/month

Special Services

Daily Attendant

There will be an attendant for every 10 members. The room will be cleaned by attendant. For special attendant resident has to pay.

Nursing Care

Nursing care will be given to the residents depending upon the situation and requirement

Nutritious meals

The food served will be in according to each resident’s health, habit along with advice from qualified dietician.

Medical Treatment & Medicine

The Management shall arrange monthly Medical checkup of general health of the residents.

Security Management

The place where you will have complete care, bonding and security.


Oldage Home Management will organize travelling but residents have to pay for that.

Governing Body

The esteemed members of the governing body comes from a highly decorated background and is well recognized in the society.