Mental disorders afflict 5 crore of the Indian population (5%) and need special care. 80% of our districts do not have even one psychiatrist in public service.

Hel page India foundation help the unfortunate men & women those you often see wandering on the roads, lost in their own world, laughing and talking to themselves, with dirty long matted hair, half naked and skin & bones appearance. They may be just barely surviving on garbage, gutter water and whatever leftovers of food are thrown at them by passerbys. They are in much worse shape than the poorest of the poor because they have no one, we repeat, absolutely no one to look after them. They are on the roads for weeks/months/years without food, clothing or shelter. No one may give them a second glance and often no one cares whether they live or die. They are stripped of all human dignity, but we believe that they are humans nevertheless. For this we support them.